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The Entrepreneurial Paths Program

A Program for Sacred Luminaries struggling to launch their businesses or for Sacred Luminaries who need to transform their businesses.

  • Learn Your Entrepreneurial Path
  • Discover Your Sacred Luminary Archetype
  • Receive a Step-by-Step Plan to Launch Your Business
  • Access to an Intensive Training and Resource Library

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Explore articles ranging from creating the right business mindset, finding your calling, and transforming your business.

About Sherrie Koretke

I’m on a mission to help Sacred Luminaries flourish in their businesses and careers. Founder of the Sacred Luminary Academy.

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Create Your Legacy as a Sacred Luminary

Are You Ready to Get Started?

There are millions of women who are running businesses they don’t love and disempower them.

What is the cost of not running the right business?
Lost time?
Lost income?
Poor health?
Low Self-Esteem?

Your search led you here. Stick with me as I explain how to develop a business and life that fits you.


About Sherrie and Her Mission

Sherrie Koretke, Visionary, Spiritual Teacher, Healer

Possibilities + Transformation = Alchemy

I'm a Spiritual CEO for Sacred Luminaries. I see the possibilities within people and help bring them to life. Think of me as a big picture coach and teacher. I calling is to bring your sacred callings to life. I have a gift for combining business and careers with spiritual teachings. Creating leadership magic is my passion. Transforming spiritual missions into reality is why I'm here.

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