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Your Sacred Life Journal

Redefining Luxury

I know the drill. You set goals to earn X amount of dollars so you can buy your dream car, your dream house and take your dream vacation. Awesome. Are you waiting to earn lots of money to live a life of luxury? What if you could live a luxurious life right now? First, let’s define luxury. I...

What to Do When Your Weekends Go By Too Fast

It’s the weekend. What’s on your to-do list? How many things did you say? That many??? Tell me, how many things do you really need to do? Think about that for a minute. Ok, now ask yourself how many things on your to-do list are what you want to do? A common complaint I hear, especially from...

The Spiritual Reason We Need to Stop and Smell the Roses

Along the path of spiritual learning, you hear this common phrase: We are not human beings having a spiritual experience but spiritual beings that are having a human experience. Makes sense, but do you know what it truly means to have a human experience? Have you made the assumption that it’s all...

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