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10 Beliefs Keeping You From Your Dream Business

It makes me sad to think about how many people don’t have the businesses they want because of the beliefs they have about themselves.

I know, because I wasn’t immune to this dilemma. Unfortunately, my perfectionist personality kept me from starting a number of businesses.

Where do these false beliefs come from?

They are usually formed from the following: Your childhood
Unsolicited, harmful criticism
Business failures
Advertising messages
Comparing yourself to other people
Harmful beliefs stop us from creating the businesses we want.

It’s time for me to bust these myths before they delay even more people from creating a business they love.

Belief One
You need to wait until __fill in the blank_____ to start a business.

We all do it. We make goals thinking we’ll be happy when we reach those goals. For example:

My business will begin when:

– When I lose 20 pounds.
– When I get certified.
– When my website is perfect.
– When I have my MBA.

What we forget is that there is no tomorrow and there is no yesterday. There is only today. In fact, there is only this moment. In order to achieve your dream business, you need to start today. We create dreams moment by moment using our actions and thoughts. Start living as if you already have what you desire.

Action Step: Take one single action towards launching your business today.

Belief Two
You need to put off happiness until your business is successful.

Putting off happiness is like waiting until you get to your destination before putting gas in your car. Fill yourself up with optimism and gratitude every single day. There is no need to wait to be happy.

Happiness is like high-octane fuel. It helps you get where you want to go faster.

Mind Shift: Practice experiencing joy every day by being grateful for what you have now.

Belief Three
You can control every aspect of your business.

When something bad happens to you, do you believe it’s your fault? How about when you ask for what you want and you don’t get it? Do you blame yourself?

The belief that everything is under your control weakens your self-esteem. Random life events pop up every so often. You are not responsible for every last thing that happens in business and life. Business setbacks are normal. Trends, world events, and your own personal life can get in the way.

Mind Shift: Don’t let business setbacks rule your life.

Belief Four
You can achieve business success all by yourself.

You don’t need to build your business alone. There are many people you can make part of your team. You may not have a lot of money when you are first starting out. So, think outside the box. When you are first starting out join Linkedin groups, hire a teenager to help around the house, or

Mind Shift: Look for mentors, coworkers, friends, and family to help you build your business.

Belief Five
All you need to do is set a goal and the universe will magically align itself to get you what you want. Now.

I love this myth. I’ve heard gurus tell people this all the time. They say that whatever you ask for instantly manifests itself in the universe. This is may be true, BUT it takes time for it to manifest itself into reality. Actually starting your business is an important part of the manifesting equation. And . . . the existence of your business opens you up for more opportunities.

Mind Shift: Remember: Sometimes things come to you that are better than you thought.

Belief Six
You can dictate the exact date when your business will be successful.

Goal setting is a very common practice in our culture. It goes like this: To achieve a goal you set your intentions and a date. Sounds great. But . .. success can happen instantly or over years of hard work. You don’t have control over time.

Mind Shift: Focus on the successes you achieve each day.

Belief Seven
You can decide on random goals and then manifest them.

I remember years ago going through a goal-setting exercise. I sat down and wrote down what I wanted to achieve. A house, a car, x amount of dollars in the bank, and expensive vacations. Then I set the date when I wanted to achieve them. Guess what? I didn’t achieve any of them.

The problem was: They were random goals that I thought everybody should want so I should, too. But, nothing on the list inspired me because I didn’t know WHY I wanted them. Here’s what I’ve learned. The feeling I wanted from these goals were far easier to achieve than my actual goal.

Mind Shift: Spend time understanding what you truly want. Set an intention to start your new business around what you want to accomplish.

Belief Eight
You Don’t Need to Know Why You Want to Start a Business

When I was being trained at a former job I realized the power of why. My boss kept telling me over and over how to do something. I kept forgetting the exact procedure. It was only when I asked her WHY I needed to do something that I remembered how to do it.

Mind Shift: The same goes with goals and wishes. Why you are starting your business is a strong motivating factor.

Belief Nine
You Need to Start a Business Based On Your Passions

I can’t imagine how many times this belief has caused endless frustrations for people. Yes, it really does help to love what you are doing for a living. But . . . creating a business is so much more than you and what you love. It’s about your customer/clients and what they need/want.

Mind Shift: It’s much better to start a business around something you are passionate about solving, not doing.

Belief Ten
You need to be rich to live the life of your dreams.

We’re told that wealth is the catalyst for living a dream life filled with mansions, fancy cars, furs, and lavish parties.

Living a beautiful, successful life doesn’t require money. What it requires is you living your dream. Not other people’s dreams. Check out my article “Own Your Experiences” to learn how.

Mind Shift: Stop believing that you need to wait to be wealthy to be happy, It only fills your life with empty days of waiting and working hard for that day. Learn to live “rich” while building your business.

Which beliefs are stopping you from starting a business?

I would love to know! Tell me about it in the comments below.

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