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Life + Play

Work pays your bills.

Play fulfills your life.

In our current financial structure,
money buys freedom.

So it’s important to work.

But to play is why you are here.

You learn a lot about yourself
when you engage in joyful activities.

Such as discovering your life purpose.

It’s a myth that your life is all about financial success.

Life is really about finding a balance
between your physical needs of life
and your spiritual needs.

If you search deeply enough
you can find work that feels like play.

Work that fills you with joy.

Your life’s mission is to make play a priority.

Unknown + Genius

I don’t know what to say.

I don’t know what I am feeling.

All I know is
I am giving birth
to new ideas.
A new life.

The process is
painful but exhilarating.

My emotions swirling around me.

Sadness overcomes me.
Tears fall.

Joy bubbles up.
Laughter explodes.

I’m like a mad genius.
Concocting a new formula.
A beaker overflowing
with foamy delight.

I wonder what adventure will come next?

Own Your Experiences

I was blessed to live in a lake view home about five years ago.

It was a charming home with stunning views.

The summers were my favorite time of the year. Time drifted by slowly.

Wildlife moved all around us, living out their lives.
Dragonflies fluttered around the back patio.
Deer roamed the property.
Eagles perched on the frozen lake waiting to capture their next meal.

One sunny morning, I swept the back patio, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the lake views. That’s when I had a revelation about life.

You see, we only rented the home. But, I realized that even though we didn’t own the home we owned the experience of living there.

That’s when I discovered I valued ownership of experiences over ownership of material goods.

The truth is . . . We have become obsessed with what we can own. We believe that what we own will give us the experiences we desire.

This is a myth. You need not need to own much to experience life.

Don’t put your life on hold until you can afford something.

Stop thinking you need to buy more things to live a more fulfilling life.

Discover the experiences that will feed your soul and quench your desires.

+ Try renting sports car on your next road trip and experience the thrill of riding.
+ Find a local French bistro and dine alfresco with a bottle of French wine.
+ Visit a local art show of a famous Italian artist.
+ Curl up in a luxury hotel room that offers fine linens and soft robes.

Dig in deep.
Discover what your soul is craving.

Naked + Transformed

It’s time to transform.

To shift.
To change.

To time to embrace life.
To laugh.
To love.

 To feel free.

It’s time to get naked with yourself.
To be yourself.

No, not literally naked.
Though you can if you want.

I mean naked as in
bearing your soul.

Become who you are meant to be.

Expose who you really are
and why you are here.

It’s uncomfortable, I know.

Take heart.

As you grow past your
it gets easier.

Soon you will be skipping
through the meadows of life.

Smelling the daisies.
Cherishing the sunrise.

Be free, my love. Be free.

Battle + Blues

Drifting in and out of sadness?

It’s time to battle the blues.

There is beauty to be found
when you realize your blues
has a purpose.

It helps you realize you’re in pain.
Maybe even angry.

It’s begging you to learn an important lesson.

It’s time to find bliss in this moment.

Dance to your heart’s content.

Gaze at the vibrant colors of the setting sun.

Honor your sadness
and bless it for guiding you
to what’s wrong in your life.

Shake yourself out of your funk.

Express gratitude for your life.

Lift your spirit so divine guidance can reach you.

Do you hear them calling you?

This is an opportunity to transform your life.

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