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Create Your Sacred Work

How do you feel about your career?

Does it feel a little lackluster? Does it make you feel happy?

Maybe it’s time to think about creating your sacred work.

What Makes Up Your Sacred Work?

It’s the body of work that you accomplish during your lifetime.
Your sacred work is the legacy you create from that work.

It is a creative expression of yourself.

Creating your sacred work revolves around something you are passionate about.
It also takes advantage of your strengths, talents, and experience.

Are you on the right track with your life’s work?

Here are a few questions to guide you.


Do you feel that your work is important?
Do you feel a sense of fulfillment from your work?


How dedicated are you to your career?
Can you take it or leave it?


Do you love your work?
Do you love to share your work with others?


Do you feel joy when you work?
If you had all the money in the world, would you do the work you do?


Does your work improve the lives of others?
Does your work better society?


Do you have a long-term vision for your career?
Does your vision have meaning and value?

If you feel that your work life needs more meaning it’s time to start thinking about creating your sacred work.

Create a plan that will keep you focused.

Your work will have a deeper meaning as well as have a lasting, long-term impact on the world.

Don’t worry about how young or old you are . . . or if you haven’t started yet.

Some of the greatest accomplishments have been contributed by people later in life.

The Difference Between a Life Purpose and Sacred Calling

I first became aware of the phrase life purposes years ago. One day while journaling, I started channel writing about my life purpose.  In the writings, it stated my mission is to help balance the masculine/feminine energy on earth.

I was struggling to understand life purposes, so this mission was a bit baffling to me. I had no idea what it meant or what to do with it.

Here is what I learned since then:

Life Purposes

Your Life Purpose is your overall reason for living and it is what you contribute to the world.

You are already living your purpose. You don’t need to discover it. All you need to do is recognize it.

Your Life Purpose may be as a healer, teacher, or leader.

Our life purposes have to do with raising the collective consciousness of the world. You live and breath your life purpose. You use it every day without even knowing it. Our life purpose helps to shift others (and ourselves) up to into a higher vibrational energy.

Your life purpose falls into one or more of these positive energy levels.

Collective Consciousness Levels

My life purpose of helping to balance the masculine/feminine energy falls into the category of helping to bring enlightenment to the world. I’ve noticed I work to achieve that in my personal life. I have always been in tune with how the two energies work together. As a spiritual teacher and healer, I apply my purpose to the words I write and the products and services I offer.

Sacred Callings

Your Sacred Calling is more specific. It’s a sacred calling to live your life purpose in a more purposeful way. Our sacred callings are the urge to do something with our life purpose. It encompasses your purpose, talents, skills, life experience, and passions.

Your Sacred Calling is your life purpose and life experience put into action.

Your calling helps others to move to one of the more expansive positive energy levels through your work.

How do you know when it’s time to create your Sacred Calling?

You’ll know it when you get that feeling that says you were meant to do more with your life. Most likely it will be set in motion when you start searching for your life purpose.


Knowing your “why” (Life Purpose) and your “how” (Sacred Calling) is a powerful combination when it comes to starting a business or new career.

It’s about combining your purpose with your sacred work.

The two together give you purposeful mission.

Welcome the Flow of New Opportunities

The Universal Energy of Opportunities

In order for new opportunities to flow into our lives, we need to release any negative thoughts or emotions blocking us from receiving them.

The best way to receive these opportunities is to let go of all expectations. When you hold on too tightly to your manifestations, it stops the energy of opportunities from flowing to you.

When you do this, it energetically blocks the energy stream from reaching you. It slows or stops the flow.

Think of it this energy as a funnel. Universal energy flows through the top of the funnel. The energy flows down to your Crown Chakra.

For instance, you might suddenly feel the need to visit LinkedIn and see a suggestion to connect with someone important. Or you run across an article that has a list of blogs for you to send your latest article.

The negative emotions that can block the flow of opportunities are hurt, anger, and resentment. These emotions clog your end of the funnel. To open the flow, release painful emotions and stop holding on to your expectations so tightly.

Let go and be patient.

*Try this New Opportunity Mantra*

Thank you for watching over me and guiding me down my new path.
I am immensely grateful for the new opportunities flowing into my life.
I release all anger, resentment, and fear that may be blocking the opportunities trying to flow into my life.

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Do You Believe in Destiny?


A magical, mysterious series of events.

Do you believe in it?

I do

Some of the most important moments of my life
happened when I least expected.

We each play a role in the lives of everyone we know.

Our lives serve humanity.
And humanity serves us.

Some people make a living nudging people onto their right path.
I am blessed to be one of them.

We have a choice to live out our destiny.
It’s called free will.

But do you really want to reject something that could be so beautiful?
So amazing? So Wild?

Do you have a story where destiny changed your life?

Serendipity happens for a reason.
To add beauty to your life.
To force you to grow.

Embrace your destiny.

Surf the flow of life and prepared to be surprised.

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