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Your Sacred Calling is Important

The Importance of Sacred Work

Creating your sacred work is one way you can enhance your spiritual development. This is why it’s important you focus on building a career based on our sacred calling.

You spend a lot of time working. The average workweek is 40 hours or more. With this much time devoted to your work, doesn’t it make sense to do something that brings you joy and happiness?

Your work is a big part of your identity. It can have a positive or negative effect on your self-worth. Why?

Your work is an important way you express yourself.

This is why it matters what you do for a living. You spend a lot of time working and gaining experience. Why not use that time to provide even more value to yourself and others?

Can you embrace your sacred calling AND work in a job/business that fulfills your purpose in life?

Yes, you can.

Life doesn’t have to be perfect to get started on your sacred calling. In fact, there is no perfect time.

Perfection is not the goal. Leading a happy and fulfilled life is . . .

Discover Your Sacred Calling

Spiritual Luminaries feel they have a sacred calling in life. This calling is something they feel directed to do. This feeling you have drives you to act.

The push to fulfill your destiny drives you into action.

However, a lot of Spiritual Luminaries don’t feel confident about what their sacred calling is and what they should do.

You can easily mistake your sacred calling as nothing more than a dream.

You also may feel you are meant to do something BIG but don’t understand what is holding you back.

It can be a scary experience to feel awakened but not knowing exactly which path to follow.

Not sure if you even have a sacred calling? Look at your dreams and desires. Is there one that keeps repeating over and over? If so, it may be a hint to your sacred calling.

If you can’t manage to follow your sacred calling as a full-time career try starting in your spare time. For example, If you have been wanting to write a book, then start writing in your spare time. Allow your passion to fuel your desire for a fulfilling career.

Look for a way that you can make your dream a reality. Once you do, you will move in the direction of your sacred calling.


What is a Sacred Calling?

What is a Sacred Calling?

Sacred Calling is a vocation created around your life path.

A Sacred Calling’s purpose is to serve others to make the world a better place.

I believe that we each born with a unique combination of gifts that we need to share with others.

I also believe we’re here on Earth to spread joy and love. It’s the mission of spiritually-minded people.

The Sacred Calling you are given is for you to share your gifts and talents with the “world”. Some Sacred Callings may require an apprenticeship or learning experience before starting a business.  Don’t worry, though. You don’t need to be perfect to share your unique gifts and talents.

Is a Sacred Calling Only for Entrepreneurs?

You sacred calling can be either a career or a business you start. I chose to start my own business because I enjoy being independent and doing my own thing.

However, since a lot of entrepreneurs don’t have the luxury to volunteer full-time, I’ll focus on how to turn your Divine Calling into a business.

The great thing is, your Sacred Calling isn’t just a long spiritual journey to enlightenment. It’s about focusing on where you are NOW.

This means you can create and recreate Sacred Calling from all the experiences, skills, and passions you develop during your lifetime.

You get to create your reality and fulfill your mission to share with the world.

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