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Transforming Your Business

Before you transform your business, you need to look at what needs to change in you and your business. What is it you need to let go of in order for to move forward?

Maybe you need to let go of certain clients.

Or say goodbye to business ideas that no longer work.

Intuitively you know that you have to let go in order to experience something better but taking action can so darn hard. (Insert stomping feet and whining.)

Not letting go of the past means you’ll miss out on new business opportunities that could be profitable and fulfilling.

Fear of the unknown can also cause you to resist transforming your business. Especially if the change that occurs is outside of your comfort zone.

Business transformation means that you have to let go and face the unknown. Most of all, you need to face yourself.

Anxiety about business transformations are normal, but when the anxiety prevents you from success, you need to take action.

How Self-Talk Keeps You From Letting Go

When you suspect you are resisting the transformation your business needs, check your self-talk. Change it to get rid until you get rid of the doubt.

Negative self-talk only sabotages what you’d like to do in your business, so be sure all your thoughts about changes you want to make are positive ones.

Stop making excuses for why you can’t change your business. You will only feel defeated before you even try.

Resistance to change means that you’re not moving forward – and possibly backtracking on the progress you’ve already made.

Learn to Let Go and Move Forward

You also need the knowledge to stop resisting change. Learn how the transformations you want to make will be helpful to you – make you happier, wealthier, healthier or wiser – and then make begin with confidence.

When you resist transformations, you hold on to what should end in your business. If your business has become stagnant, boring or failing, it’s time to let go and move in a new direction.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Let Go of Being a Victim
Terrible things may have happened in your past, but when you continue to see yourself as a victim, you’re hanging on to yesterday and not letting tomorrow guide you down a path of new beginnings.

Let Go of the Past
Whatever you’ve done or been in the past is history. Only until you accept that past can you let go of it and set yourself free to move on to a better future.

Let Go of Stress
Meditate. Exercise. Your brain is working overtime to bring clarity and focus to your business. Manage the stress as best you can.

Let Go of Negativity
Nothing helps get rid of the past like looking toward the future. Align your goals with the business you want to create.

Let Go of Shame
The business mistakes you’ve made in the past can be a springboard for creating a better business.

Visualize Your Business The Way You Want It
No matter how you want to change your business, you’ve got to let go of the old business to create the one you want.

The Upshot

Open up to the wonderful possibilities that lie ahead and let go any negative past decisions and actions.

Believe in yourself.

Let go of the regrets and create a better business. One that fits you and your lifestyle.

Choosing the Right Business Model

Warning: This is a rant post about choosing the right business model.
I dare you to keep reading. No really. Keep reading.

This rant has been a long time coming.

It’s about how some entrepreneurs shame people into choosing the wrong business model.

There is no one size fits all business model!

Let me explain.

My, now infamous, rant started after reading a series of Facebook posts. They were from well-meaning, high-level entrepreneurs promoting their brand of starting and building a business. The advice they gave felt similar to peer pressure. In fact, the advice was downright confusing.

Imagine the confusion entrepreneurs must feel when different business owners claim their business model is the best one.

Because of this wrong advice, I have noticed entrepreneurs struggle with the business models they have chosen. This struggle is because there is a flaw in how entrepreneurs chose a business model.

There is no ONE business model that is best for every entrepreneur.

The reason entrepreneurs require different business models:
Time Constraints
Gifts and Talents
Experiences and Skills
Access to Capital
Energy Levels
Business Knowledge

I have analyzed many entrepreneurs. I noticed a certain kind of entrepreneurs who excel at growing a company into a large corporation. The other entrepreneurs need to find different business models that are profitable and fulfilling.

For example, some people don’t have the physical or mental energy or experience to handle a large company.

Examples: Stay at home parents, introverts, senior adults, younger adults.

Some people don’t have the patience to work at home or from the beach. These entrepreneurs wouldn’t have a team to interact with.

Also, there are people who don’t like running a business they are not passionate about. Selling widgets just to sell widgets lacks meaning to them.

The Real Reason You Aren’t Happy With Your Business Model

If you are unhappy with your business, maybe, just maybe, the reason is you listened to someone else’s dream of a great business.

You are the creator of your life and your business. Because you are the creator, when it comes to your business, no one knows what you value more than you do.

Your life is just as important as everyone else’s. Don’t fall for the hype. You don’t need to conform yourself to a certain business model.

Let’s stop business failures in its tracks. Here are a few ways to start:

✔️ Know your values and how they are important to you.
✔️ Learn what you want out of your business.
✔️ Dream about the way you want to live your life.

Please. Don’t feel guilty about choosing a business that fits your values, your personality, and your energy levels.

There really are different business models to fit each entrepreneur. Customize yours.

How Your Emotions Affect Your Business

When it comes to your business, are you suffering from business stuck-itis? What am I talking about, you ask? Business stuck-itis is a negative, emotional symptom that prevents us from starting or growing our businesses. I know about business stuck-itis because I suffered for years from it. It can affect your business by creating financial, mental and emotional anguish.

Business stuck-itis manifests itself in the following ways:

  • A lack of focus
  • Weak goals or no goals
  • No marketing or business plan
  • Disorganization that prevents you from working
  • Low or stalled sales

But these are just symptoms. The real problem is that Aspirepreneurs, the sensitive souls that we are, have hidden personal wounds that haven’t healed. These wounds create fear, which keeps us from making progress in our business.

Here are a few examples of personal wounds:

  • Being criticized for being a poor writer or speaker when you were young.
  • Never feeling accepted and loved by your parents.
  • Unrecognized creativity never developed.
  • Feeling powerless and defenseless as a child.
  • Suffering abuse in some way.
  • Growing up poor and felt a sense of lack.

Most of us have suffered these types of wounds. We rarely connect these feelings to what’s going on with our businesses.

Business Wisdom

When your personal wounds are sabotaging your progress, somewhere inside you don’t feel worthy in some way or another. So for now, forget about time management strategies, planning sessions, and goal setting. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of what is keeping you stuck.

What is the hidden wound causing your business stuck-itis?

To learn what it is, try this meditation. When you get a moment alone, turn off the sound on all your electronics and get comfortable. Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Now, ask yourself: “Which emotional wound, from my childhood or early adult life, is holding me back?” Sit quietly and wait. The answer may pop into your mind as words or imagines. Don’t judge what you feel. Write it down. Journal about it. Feel the pain and then work on releasing it.

When you sit alone and think out your thoughts … then that is your loudest cry!” Stephen Richards

You will know the answer when you feel a sense of pain or loss. Sit with the pain for a bit, then say: “I would love to let this painful memory go.” Be patient. It may not disappear right away. Next, take another deep breath and know you are one step closer to moving forward in your business.

You now have the opportunity to face the story that has led your life.

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10 Beliefs Keeping You From Your Dream Business

It makes me sad to think about how many people don’t have the businesses they want because of the beliefs they have about themselves.

I know, because I wasn’t immune to this dilemma. Unfortunately, my perfectionist personality kept me from starting a number of businesses.

Where do these false beliefs come from?

They are usually formed from the following: Your childhood
Unsolicited, harmful criticism
Business failures
Advertising messages
Comparing yourself to other people
Harmful beliefs stop us from creating the businesses we want.

It’s time for me to bust these myths before they delay even more people from creating a business they love.

Belief One
You need to wait until __fill in the blank_____ to start a business.

We all do it. We make goals thinking we’ll be happy when we reach those goals. For example:

My business will begin when:

– When I lose 20 pounds.
– When I get certified.
– When my website is perfect.
– When I have my MBA.

What we forget is that there is no tomorrow and there is no yesterday. There is only today. In fact, there is only this moment. In order to achieve your dream business, you need to start today. We create dreams moment by moment using our actions and thoughts. Start living as if you already have what you desire.

Action Step: Take one single action towards launching your business today.

Belief Two
You need to put off happiness until your business is successful.

Putting off happiness is like waiting until you get to your destination before putting gas in your car. Fill yourself up with optimism and gratitude every single day. There is no need to wait to be happy.

Happiness is like high-octane fuel. It helps you get where you want to go faster.

Mind Shift: Practice experiencing joy every day by being grateful for what you have now.

Belief Three
You can control every aspect of your business.

When something bad happens to you, do you believe it’s your fault? How about when you ask for what you want and you don’t get it? Do you blame yourself?

The belief that everything is under your control weakens your self-esteem. Random life events pop up every so often. You are not responsible for every last thing that happens in business and life. Business setbacks are normal. Trends, world events, and your own personal life can get in the way.

Mind Shift: Don’t let business setbacks rule your life.

Belief Four
You can achieve business success all by yourself.

You don’t need to build your business alone. There are many people you can make part of your team. You may not have a lot of money when you are first starting out. So, think outside the box. When you are first starting out join Linkedin groups, hire a teenager to help around the house, or

Mind Shift: Look for mentors, coworkers, friends, and family to help you build your business.

Belief Five
All you need to do is set a goal and the universe will magically align itself to get you what you want. Now.

I love this myth. I’ve heard gurus tell people this all the time. They say that whatever you ask for instantly manifests itself in the universe. This is may be true, BUT it takes time for it to manifest itself into reality. Actually starting your business is an important part of the manifesting equation. And . . . the existence of your business opens you up for more opportunities.

Mind Shift: Remember: Sometimes things come to you that are better than you thought.

Belief Six
You can dictate the exact date when your business will be successful.

Goal setting is a very common practice in our culture. It goes like this: To achieve a goal you set your intentions and a date. Sounds great. But . .. success can happen instantly or over years of hard work. You don’t have control over time.

Mind Shift: Focus on the successes you achieve each day.

Belief Seven
You can decide on random goals and then manifest them.

I remember years ago going through a goal-setting exercise. I sat down and wrote down what I wanted to achieve. A house, a car, x amount of dollars in the bank, and expensive vacations. Then I set the date when I wanted to achieve them. Guess what? I didn’t achieve any of them.

The problem was: They were random goals that I thought everybody should want so I should, too. But, nothing on the list inspired me because I didn’t know WHY I wanted them. Here’s what I’ve learned. The feeling I wanted from these goals were far easier to achieve than my actual goal.

Mind Shift: Spend time understanding what you truly want. Set an intention to start your new business around what you want to accomplish.

Belief Eight
You Don’t Need to Know Why You Want to Start a Business

When I was being trained at a former job I realized the power of why. My boss kept telling me over and over how to do something. I kept forgetting the exact procedure. It was only when I asked her WHY I needed to do something that I remembered how to do it.

Mind Shift: The same goes with goals and wishes. Why you are starting your business is a strong motivating factor.

Belief Nine
You Need to Start a Business Based On Your Passions

I can’t imagine how many times this belief has caused endless frustrations for people. Yes, it really does help to love what you are doing for a living. But . . . creating a business is so much more than you and what you love. It’s about your customer/clients and what they need/want.

Mind Shift: It’s much better to start a business around something you are passionate about solving, not doing.

Belief Ten
You need to be rich to live the life of your dreams.

We’re told that wealth is the catalyst for living a dream life filled with mansions, fancy cars, furs, and lavish parties.

Living a beautiful, successful life doesn’t require money. What it requires is you living your dream. Not other people’s dreams. Check out my article “Own Your Experiences” to learn how.

Mind Shift: Stop believing that you need to wait to be wealthy to be happy, It only fills your life with empty days of waiting and working hard for that day. Learn to live “rich” while building your business.

Which beliefs are stopping you from starting a business?

I would love to know! Tell me about it in the comments below.

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Ten Signs You Started the Wrong Business

I have wanted to start a business for as long as I can remember. While in college, I subscribed to Entrepreneur and Business Start-Up magazine. I even ordered their business start-up kits.

I finally got my chance to run a business in 2001. My husband and I became the owners of our family owned office product business. I became the CEO and he was the COO.

Running this business was a far better way for me to understand business. Far better than my college education. I reshaped how I viewed starting and running a business. I learned a lot.

My experience running the office product company was that it was not the right fit for me. I needed a lot more flexibility than it could give me. I wasn’t running the right business for me.

I realized one of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing a business is they chose the wrong business model. Or as I call them, Entrepreneurial Paths.

Are you running a business that is right for you?

10 Symptoms of Running the Wrong Business


Are you overwhelmed and feel tired? Do you start the day with a to-do list that is far too long and don’t feel inspired to accomplish it?


Do you wake up in the morning not wanting to work on your business? Do you have to force yourself to actually work because you find it boring? Is the pace too slow for you?


Do you feel stuck and don’t know why? Is your business growing at the pace you would like? Are projects getting started?


Do you find yourself constantly making changes to your business?
Have you spotted a competitor you admired and changed your business to be more like their business?
Do you feel you waste a lot of time because of these changes?


Do you dislike your business? Do you wonder why you ever started it in the first place?
Do you dread working each day?


Do you find yourself looking for something else to do?
Do you feel lazy when working?
Do you put off tasks that would bring in income but put them off?


Feeling a disconnect from your customers?
Do have empathy towards the issues your clients want to solve?


Are you having trouble making up your mind about important issues?
How about having trouble focusing?
Do you put off making decisions because none of the options feel right?

Stress and Anxiety

Is your business causing you a lot of stress?
Do you feel a knot in your stomach when you think about your business?

Lack of Cash Flow

Are you struggling financially?
Is your business growing slower than you thought?
Does your target market seem limited or is it slowly dying?

So . . . What’s behind all these symptoms?

Most likely it’s because you started a business without understanding yourself as an entrepreneur. You most likely chose a business that doesn’t fit you and the entrepreneurial path you are meant to lead.

Stay tuned to learn more about how you can create a business that fits YOU.

How to Get Past Your Business Setbacks

Your business failures serve a purpose.

I have survived some very tough business situations. My biggest lessons came from those moments. Through these lessons, I learned a very important thought about business failures.

The business experiences I loved and hated were there for a reason. To teach me valuable lessons so I can share them with others going through similar experiences. This article comes from those life lessons I learned.

The insights we gain from all of our business experiences are invaluable. Everything we experience is uniquely designed to move us to new life experiences. It’s up to us to move forward so we can share our experiences in a positive way.

What I learned about avoiding my sacred calling . . .

The longer you avoid your sacred work, the more the universe will prompt you to find it. This is something I learned the hard way.

For years I desired a meaningful career working more closely with people. At that time, I became a business owner with a small staff. I spent my days doing payroll, paying bills, and other financial duties.

Being a business owner gave me the opportunity to counsel employees on career or life topics, but it removed me from directly helping our customers. This experience drew me further from my true calling.

Not seeing a way to get out of this business, I began to experience business dramas that felt like “pushes” to direct me to a new career. The more I resisted finding a solution to my business problems, the more dramas I met.

The business problems lasted a few years. Until one day, it was out of my hands and we had to let the business go. As painful as the experience was, I gained wisdom from it. I also developed empathy for anyone who has suffered the loss of their business. I know how humbling it can be.

Because of this experience, I learned a few ways to get past my business setback.

Here are the four ways to move past business setbacks so you can move forward in business:

Embrace Your Life Path

You were born to fulfill certain roles here. Every event, decision, the person you love, and career choice you make is part of a divine master plan. You have free will to do what you want with your life. But if you go too far off track, divine intervention is right there to guide you back to the destiny you are meant to fulfill.

Imagine your life as a walking path. Your life’s path may be curvy, long, or short, with many little paths leading away and then back to the original path. It leads through dark forests, sandy beaches, and rocky cliffs, and beautiful meadows.

The scenery along the path reflects the “good” and the “bad” in your life. What may seem to be a scary path along a rocky cliff also has breath-taking views. How you see this path depends on how you look at the circumstances in your life.

Although your path varies along the way, all the little paths leading away from your original path winds back towards the original one. It’s up to you how long your journey takes and what your paths look like.

Your life path will not always be smooth and worry-free. In order to grow from these setbacks, you need to learn how to find peace. Try accepting the business situation you are in and know you are learning an invaluable life lesson.

Choose to See Life As an Adventure

The business setbacks relate to your life’s purpose. Think of it this way: All the positive and negative experiences in your life as learning lessons.

These lessons are what you can teach others someday. The reason? It’s easier to have empathy for others if you’ve experienced something similar. Who do you trust more? The teacher who has experienced what they teach? Or the teacher whose knowledge only comes from what they learned in a book?

Find the Hidden Lessons Within Your Setbacks

What’s stopping you from fulfilling your dreams? Maybe it’s because you haven’t taken the time to heal your past business setbacks.You can build up a wall of resistance when you don’t reflect on how you got to this point in your life.

Maybe, your soul is protecting you from moving forward until you are ready. Take some time really digging for the lessons you learned from your setbacks.

Keep Moving Forward

The fastest way to get from pain to your awesome new business is taking daily, joyful action. Focus on doing things you love and do well. Combine these two actions with gratitude for what you have now. Keep going. Every day take a step. Then another.

Every small action equals two steps towards your new life. As you take more steps, momentum builds and soon you’ll start seeing results.

It takes some persistence and faith, but you can figure out why you are going through your current business problems. Start by thinking of them as nudges from the universe to move you to your greater destiny.

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