4 Ways to Develop Better Leadership Skills


Getting out of your comfy zone is about change. It’s about doing things you have never tried before. You’ll never push forward if you don’t try something that you are not comfortable doing.

This puts Aspirepreneurs into the zone of the unknown. The good news is that which scares us makes us stronger. And more money. This is where the power of getting outside of your comfort zone comes into play.

Here a few suggestions on how to get out of your comfy zone.


 Quick Tips

Build Your Own Team

As an Aspirepreneur you don’t need to know everything. You can build a team around you to help.

Some team member suggestions are mentors, mastermind groups, colleagues, VA’s, and employees. Build a team with differing skills and knowledge from you.

Be Bold! Make Tough Decisions

Your team may not like every decision you make. That can often scare leaders into not making the right decisions, or worse, no decisions at all.

As long as you have reasons for making your decisions, you can use that to back them up when people challenge your decisions.

Delegate When Needed

Aspirepreneurs make the mistake of trying to manage everything. Sometimes it’s best to find a few strategies to help them carry out needed tasks.

Don’t worry. You are not giving up power. Delegating is quite the opposite. You are freeing up time to work on what you do best.

Don’t Hide Your Mistakes

We all makes mistakes. Aspirepreneurs are no different. When you make a mistake, be up front with your clients or customers. They will respect you more than if you to try to cover up errors. The key is to learn from your mistakes and move forward.

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