8 Easy Steps to Help You Stay Focused


Getting out of your comfy zone is about change. It’s about doing things you have never tried before. You’ll never push forward if you don’t try something that you are not comfortable doing.

This puts Aspirepreneurs into the zone of the unknown. The good news is that which scares us makes us stronger. And more money. This is where the power of getting outside of your comfort zone comes into play.

Here a few suggestions on how to get out of your comfy zone.


 Quick Tips

Remove Distractions

If your work area has many things that distract you, you may be tempted to use those distractions. Even more problematic, distractions have grown worse now that the internet offers more distractions than ever. Look for tools to help limit you limit your internet use.

Play Music in the Background

If you can, play music in the background while you are working. It has been shown that classical music works best for concentration. Maybe it’s because there is no singing to distract you. Choose whatever music genre suits you. Okay, maybe not sappy love songs. Or sad country songs.

Set Measurable Goals

If you set goals, make sure you have a way to monitor how you are doing with them, you have something to strive for. This makes it much easier to focus when you know where you are going. Keeping track of your progress is critical for goals to be achieved.

Do NOT Multitask

Many people believe they are good multitaskers. The truth is most of us are not. Our brains are not designed to take on more than one task at a time. Let’s face it. It’s better to do one job well than many jobs poorly.

Keep a Daily To List

Set up a to-do list each day. Better yet, create the list before you stop working for the day. This way you’ll have a clear picture of what needs to be done for the day. Your day will not necessarily go as scheduled. However, you can get back on track easier with a list.

Learn to Delegate

Often Sacred Luminaries take on too many tasks for any one person to finish in a day. Try delegating these extra responsibilities. Hire some help. Maybe you can find a virtual assistant or some part-time help. Oh, and try asking family members to do more around the house.

Use a Time Management System

Time management programs (cloud or software) are great because they help you track tasks you are performing on a minute-by-minute basis. Most programs allow you to run a report to see where you are spending most of your time and what needs fixing.

Find an Accountability Partner

As a Sacred Luminary, it can be easy to get distracted from what needs to get done. Find a partner who can help you keep on track with your goals and accomplishments.

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