About Sherrie Koretke

Clarity + Empowerment = Transformation



My Manifesto

I work with women entrepreneurs who feel a calling or wish to serve in some way. My goal is to help you create a business that truly fits you.

Here’s what I believe. You deserve a business that:

✔ Aligns with your purpose and values.
✔ Creates a lifestyle YOU want to live.
✔ Fits your unique entrepreneurial code.
✔ Doesn’t create extra stress and drains your finances.

Transformed Business

Sherrie Koretke: Business Visionary and Intuitive

Creator of the Entrepreneurial Paths Program
* Sacred Luminary Archetype Readings
* Business Idea Brainstorming
* Business Model Creation
* Mindset Coaching
* Business Bankruptcy and Closure Healing Sessions
* Business Transformations


New services and a brand new program are coming soon!

Training and Certifications

Certified Professional Intuitive Career Coach
Certified Level 3 Reiki Master
Certified Oracle Card Reader
Spiritual Advisor and Healer

Law Of Attraction Master Practitioner
Ordained Minister



About Me

I have always relied on my intuition to help me better understand people. As a natural counselor, I love coaching and giving feedback. I have the ability to see possibilities for people’s potential future. I began my professional spiritual journey as a Divine Calling Coach. I then transitioned into understanding spiritual initiations and how and why they happen. I am now combining the two into helping women transition from life changes into fulfilling careers and lives.

Right now I live in the beautiful Portland, Oregon area. I love it here!


I started my management career at CWU as the manager of the Games Room. My next job was with a family-owned office products business. I started at the order desk and eventually becoming the CEO/President.

Since then, I have been helping people find their sacred calling and have been happy here ever since.