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Welcome the Flow of New Opportunities

The Universal Energy of Opportunities

In order for new opportunities to flow into our lives, we need to release any negative thoughts or emotions blocking us from receiving them.

The best way to receive these opportunities is to let go of all expectations. When you hold on too tightly to your manifestations, it stops the energy of opportunities from flowing to you.

When you do this, it energetically blocks the energy stream from reaching you. It slows or stops the flow.

Think of it this energy as a funnel. Universal energy flows through the top of the funnel. The energy flows down to your Crown Chakra.

For instance, you might suddenly feel the need to visit LinkedIn and see a suggestion to connect with someone important. Or you run across an article that has a list of blogs for you to send your latest article.

The negative emotions that can block the flow of opportunities are hurt, anger, and resentment. These emotions clog your end of the funnel. To open the flow, release painful emotions and stop holding on to your expectations so tightly.

Let go and be patient.

*Try this New Opportunity Mantra*

Thank you for watching over me and guiding me down my new path.
I am immensely grateful for the new opportunities flowing into my life.
I release all anger, resentment, and fear that may be blocking the opportunities trying to flow into my life.

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Fall Passionately in Love With Your Goals

Is it because you chose the wrong goal?

If so, ask yourself:

What are the right goals for me? How do I choose?

Choose goals that express your deepest desires.

Choose goals that set your soul on fire.

Only set goals that make your heart sing.

Yes, change can be scary.

And because of the fear, there is a gap between your actions and your intentions.

  • You may try to sabotage your own efforts.
  • You may lure yourself away with busy work.
  • Your actions may not match your life mission.

Why? It’s because your heart’s not in love with your goals.

Mad, passionate, soul-wrenching love.

To achieve a goal and embrace its fulfillment you need to shift into a vibration of love and gratitude.

Don’t let your hidden doubts dampen your enthusiasm.

Focus all your energy on achieving your goal.

Don’t waste your life chasing goals that don’t bring your joy.

You are depriving yourself the gift of accomplishment.

Take some time and explore what brings you joy.

Set goals that are worthy of you and your life.

Strive for everything that expresses love and joy.

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A Radical Viewpoint on Quitting

Maybe you can relate to my story.

When I was a young teen, I tried a lot of different activities. I tried out for track, soccer, volleyball, acting and more.

I stuck with some of the activities, however, I ended up quitting a lot of them.

I would try something. Decide if I liked it. If I didn’t like it, I quit.

Unfortunately, this labeled me as a quitter.

It was a label that took me years to shake off.

It was years later that I really understood my behavior.

I’m not afraid to try new things. I love to experience life. If I try something new and don’t feel passionate about it or feel I can’t excel at it I don’t want to waste my time or other people’s time doing it.

So now I see quitting a little differently.

I wasn’t quitting. I was learning what I was passionate about.

How would I know what I love if I didn’t try?

The real problem with quitting is when you stop trying.

How many times have you stopped doing something you loved?

One lesson in life is that if you haven’t found what you are passionate about you haven’t tried long enough.

A part of knowing what you love is learning what you don’t love.

Notice the word learn. It’s an active word. What you love to do doesn’t fall out of the sky.

You need to do the experience life to learn.

I say don’t be afraid to try something new. And don’t be afraid to quit if you don’t like it.

Forget the naysayers who say you should stick with something you don’t love.

Life is too short for that nonsense.

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The Battle Between Ego and Your Heart’s Desire

Your soul’s purpose is to experience things through your five senses. It desires physical connections with loved ones, wonderful food, the warmth of the sun, beautiful landscapes, music, and more.

Your ego, as useful as it is, interferes with your quest for these connections. It over analyzes and becomes convinced that achieving your desire should be complicated and expensive.

Think about what really gives you joy.
Maybe it’s cuddling your new baby.
Or, sitting on the beach with viewing a sunset.

If you are tired of this battle between your ego and your heart’s desire, try this exercise:

1. Make a list of all your favorite memories.
2. Calculate which ones cost you money and which ones were free.
3. Note which ones you feel were strongly influenced by advertising or well-meaning friends or family.
4. Last, look at which ones involve seeing, hearing, tasting, touching or smelling.

Change your perspective on what brings you joy and your life will take on more meaning.

You will create the passion and fun you need.


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