Redefining Luxury

I know the drill. You set goals to earn X amount of dollars so you can buy your dream car, your dream house and take your dream vacation. Awesome. Are you waiting to earn lots of money to live a life of luxury?

What if you could live a luxurious life right now?

First, let’s define luxury. I grabbed this definition off

Luxury: a material object, service, etc. conducive to sumptuous living, usually a delicacy, elegance or refinement of living rather than a necessity.

For this article, I want to focus on the part about refinement of living. After all, when your necessities in life are met (Meaning food, shelter, medical care, etc.) almost everything else you buy is considered a luxury. (Except for that detail of refinement or elegance.)

Notice the description does not give any monetary value to what a luxury costs, only that it’s not a necessity. Money isn’t mentioned in the definition of luxury and it never defined exactly what is considered a luxury item.

Think about it. All you need to do is concentrate on is what is luxurious to you and remove the illusion that luxuries cost tons of money.

Here are five ways to redefine luxury for yourself and start living the sensuous life you desire:

*Change your view of what a luxury is and how much it should cost.
*Define what luxury means to you.
*Carefully choose things and experiences that meet this definition.
*Be sure the luxury is what you want, not what you think will impress others.
*Learn to shop bargains and develop an eye for value.
*Try indulging in luxuries that create memories that can be shared with loved ones.

Make sure to indulge in luxuries that raise your self-esteem. If you have to go into debt or feel guilty when indulging then search from within to find out why this luxury doesn’t match your values.

Look around and see what you have in front of you that could be considered a luxury.

Bet you will find that you are already living a life of luxury. Defined by you.

Please comment and let me know what you consider a luxury, redefined on your terms.

What to Do When Your Weekends Go By Too Fast

It’s the weekend. What’s on your to-do list?

How many things did you say? That many???

Tell me, how many things do you really need to do?

Think about that for a minute.

Ok, now ask yourself how many things on your to-do list are what you want to do?

A common complaint I hear, especially from parents, is how fast their weekends go by. They have carpool duty, sporting events, volunteering, cleaning, shopping, and much more to do during their precious weekends.

They feel the pressure from overscheduling, too many commitments, and too many chores to be done. Here’s my solution:

Stop it.

Oh, yes, I can hear the complaint “But I can’t stop!” being shouted at me.

Look, life is really just a series of choices we make. I want everyone to choose to slow down and enjoy their weekends once in a while.

Well, every weekend really.

If you can’t do the whole weekend, pick Sundays to be your sleep in late, make brunch, and lounge in the backyard day.

Or do whatever makes you happy. 

Living a more fulfilling life means making yourself a priority. Your number one priority should be to stop and smell the roses. Slow down. Stop overscheduling your life.

Try this: Plan a day or a whole weekend where it’s against the rules to have any plans.

Then enjoy your family and/or some time alone.

Relax! Life isn’t supposed to be one big to-do list.

The Spiritual Reason We Need to Take Time to Smell the Roses

Along the path of spiritual learning, you hear this common phrase: We are not human beings having a spiritual experience but spiritual beings that are having a human experience.

Makes sense, but do you know what it truly means to have a human experience? Have you made the assumption that it’s all about spiritual lessons and growth?

When I decided to study spirituality, I learned about astral travel, lucid dreaming, meditation, trances, ascension, and more. I explored these ideas but something was nagging at me.

Why are we reaching for the stars and different realms when we are here, right now living a human experience?

Let’s look at the human experience part again. If all we needed to do was learn life lessons and grow spiritually, why do we take on a human form and live on a planet such as Earth? A planet with untold riches and beauty filled with people that create their own forms of beauty through art, food, theater, architecture, etc.

I say we embrace the life we’ve been given and explore where we are right now. Visit your local farmer’s market, explore an art gallery, or dine at a restaurant with a cuisine you’ve never tried before.

Do something different that adds vitality to your life and allows you to explore the senses you have. I believe what our souls are really craving is the beauty and fun that can be found right here on Earth.

Wisdom For Women Over 50

 Dominique Sachse 

Dominique Sachse, News Anchor for Houston’s KPRC, has had a long career in broadcasting. However, a few years ago she set out to try something a little different. She started a YouTube channel featuring herself talking about beauty tips, fashion advice, and fitness how to’s. Tucked into the advice and recommendations are tidbits about her personal life and career.

There is something mesmerizing and fun about Dominque. You can tell by her voice she is trained as a news anchor which gives her a professional but approachable style.

Here is an excellent video she created about the Top Ten Things I don’t Worry About Over 50.


To learn more about Dominique Sachse, check out her social media pages:

YouTube  (I highly recommend subscribing to her channel.)