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The Battle Between Ego and Your Heart’s Desire

Your soul’s purpose is to experience things through your five senses. It desires physical connections with loved ones, wonderful food, the warmth of the sun, beautiful landscapes, music, and more.

Your ego, as useful as it is, interferes with your quest for these connections. It over analyzes and becomes convinced that achieving your desire should be complicated and expensive.

Think about what really gives you joy.
Maybe it’s cuddling your new baby.
Or, sitting on the beach with viewing a sunset.

If you are tired of this battle between your ego and your heart’s desire, try this exercise:

1. Make a list of all your favorite memories.
2. Calculate which ones cost you money and which ones were free.
3. Note which ones you feel were strongly influenced by advertising or well-meaning friends or family.
4. Last, look at which ones involve seeing, hearing, tasting, touching or smelling.

Change your perspective on what brings you joy and your life will take on more meaning.

You will create the passion and fun you need.


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