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Discover Your Sacred Calling

Spiritual Luminaries feel they have a sacred calling in life. This calling is something they feel directed to do. This feeling you have drives you to act.

The push to fulfill your destiny drives you into action.

However, a lot of Spiritual Luminaries don’t feel confident about what their sacred calling is and what they should do.

You can easily mistake your sacred calling as nothing more than a dream.

You also may feel you are meant to do something BIG but don’t understand what is holding you back.

It can be a scary experience to feel awakened but not knowing exactly which path to follow.

Not sure if you even have a sacred calling? Look at your dreams and desires. Is there one that keeps repeating over and over? If so, it may be a hint to your sacred calling.

If you can’t manage to follow your sacred calling as a full-time career try starting in your spare time. For example, If you have been wanting to write a book, then start writing your spare time. Allow your passion fuel your desire for a fulfilling career.

Look for a way that you can make your dream a reality. Once you do, you will move in the direction of your sacred calling.

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