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Struggling to create a business around your life purpose?

Sacred Luminaries (Spiritual-Minded Business Leaders) have a passion to make a difference.
But they can struggle to launch a business around a purpose or mission.

Discover a New Way to Start a Business

Business Resources for Sacred Luminaries

Self-Coaching Quick Lessons


Customized Business Planners and Workbooks


Resources and Tools


Coming Soon: Entrepreneurial Paths Program


Customized business programs for Sacred Luminaries

Archetype Readings

Customized Entrepreneurial Path readings and reports to help you build a better business foundation.


Workbooks and Planners

Customized planners and workbooks. Included in the EP Reading and a future membership program.

Mindset Training

Having the right business mindset is important. That’s why I offer quick tips so you can avoid feeling overwhelmed.

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