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It's Time

For Sacred Luminaries to Awaken
The Awakening

Shhhh . . .  Listen.
Do you hear the call?
The call to become a sacred business leader.

The Path

The journey to awaken won’t always be easy. 
I wrote a special guide to help you navigate your 
journey to become a Sacred Luminary.
Discover the secret.

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About Sherrie and Her Mission

Sherrie Koretke, Visionary, Spiritual Teacher, Healer

Possibilities + Transformation = Alchemy

I'm a Spiritual CEO for Sacred Luminaries. I see the possibilities within people and help bring them to life. Think of me as a big picture coach and teacher. I calling is to bring your sacred callings to life. I have a gift for combining business and careers with spiritual teachings. Creating leadership magic is my passion. Transforming spiritual missions into reality is why I'm here.

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Your Sacred Calling

 Becoming a Sacred Luminary means following the call to create your Sacred Business. Learn how.

Sacred Living

Starting or running a business is important but so is your personal life. Learn to live a  lifestyle that supports you and your goals.

Quick Business Lessons

Here you will find quick business tips lessons to help you create your Sacred Business.

Business Mindset Lessons

Do you need a little help getting the right mindset for business? Try these Business Mindset lessons.

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