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How to Get Past Your Business Setbacks

Your business failures serve a purpose.

I have survived some very tough business situations. My biggest lessons came from those moments. Through these lessons, I learned a very important thought about business failures.

The business experiences I loved and hated were there for a reason. To teach me valuable lessons so I can share them with others going through similar experiences. This article comes from those life lessons I learned.

The insights we gain from all of our business experiences are invaluable. Everything we experience is uniquely designed to move us to new life experiences. It’s up to us to move forward so we can share our experiences in a positive way.

What I learned about avoiding my sacred calling . . .

The longer you avoid your sacred work, the more the universe will prompt you to find it. This is something I learned the hard way.

For years I desired a meaningful career working more closely with people. At that time, I became a business owner with a small staff. I spent my days doing payroll, paying bills, and other financial duties.

Being a business owner gave me the opportunity to counsel employees on career or life topics, but it removed me from directly helping our customers. This experience drew me further from my true calling.

Not seeing a way to get out of this business, I began to experience business dramas that felt like “pushes” to direct me to a new career. The more I resisted finding a solution to my business problems, the more dramas I met.

The business problems lasted a few years. Until one day, it was out of my hands and we had to let the business go. As painful as the experience was, I gained wisdom from it. I also developed empathy for anyone who has suffered the loss of their business. I know how humbling it can be.

Because of this experience, I learned a few ways to get past my business setback.

Here are the four ways to move past business setbacks so you can move forward in business:

Embrace Your Life Path

You were born to fulfill certain roles here. Every event, decision, the person you love, and career choice you make is part of a divine master plan. You have free will to do what you want with your life. But if you go too far off track, divine intervention is right there to guide you back to the destiny you are meant to fulfill.

Imagine your life as a walking path. Your life’s path may be curvy, long, or short, with many little paths leading away and then back to the original path. It leads through dark forests, sandy beaches, and rocky cliffs, and beautiful meadows.

The scenery along the path reflects the “good” and the “bad” in your life. What may seem to be a scary path along a rocky cliff also has breath-taking views. How you see this path depends on how you look at the circumstances in your life.

Although your path varies along the way, all the little paths leading away from your original path winds back towards the original one. It’s up to you how long your journey takes and what your paths look like.

Your life path will not always be smooth and worry-free. In order to grow from these setbacks, you need to learn how to find peace. Try accepting the business situation you are in and know you are learning an invaluable life lesson.

Choose to See Life As an Adventure

The business setbacks relate to your life’s purpose. Think of it this way: All the positive and negative experiences in your life as learning lessons.

These lessons are what you can teach others someday. The reason? It’s easier to have empathy for others if you’ve experienced something similar. Who do you trust more? The teacher who has experienced what they teach? Or the teacher whose knowledge only comes from what they learned in a book?

Find the Hidden Lessons Within Your Setbacks

What’s stopping you from fulfilling your dreams? Maybe it’s because you haven’t taken the time to heal your past business setbacks.You can build up a wall of resistance when you don’t reflect on how you got to this point in your life.

Maybe, your soul is protecting you from moving forward until you are ready. Take some time really digging for the lessons you learned from your setbacks.

Keep Moving Forward

The fastest way to get from pain to your awesome new business is taking daily, joyful action. Focus on doing things you love and do well. Combine these two actions with gratitude for what you have now. Keep going. Every day take a step. Then another.

Every small action equals two steps towards your new life. As you take more steps, momentum builds and soon you’ll start seeing results.

It takes some persistence and faith, but you can figure out why you are going through your current business problems. Start by thinking of them as nudges from the universe to move you to your greater destiny.

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