Mindfulness + Happiness

Here is the secret to mind-blowing happiness.

What is it, you may ask?

It’s not working more hours.

It’s not at the local mall.


It’s not at the bottom of your
peanut butter chocolate ice cream.

Or your bottle of wine.

Here’s where you really find happiness.

You find it in the little moments of your day.

Look for it when you’re cuddled up
with a steamy mug of coffee.
Or tea.

Look for it on a stormy Autumn day.
Listening to the rain lightly tapping on your window.

It’s there when you sit by the roaring fire,
feeling warm and cozy.

It’s at the beach when you curl your feet
in the cool, wet sand.

Or when holding a newborn baby.
Or kitten. Or Puppy.

You feel it when you glide under your cozy comforter
on to 
freshly washed sheets.

I could go on and on.
But, I think you understand.

All those little moments knit together to create happiness. 

What’s that?

You lost track of the minutes in your day?

That’s okay, my love.

You can start today.

You can re-live it when you reminisce about those special moments.

Here is a Universal truth.

You can find something to enjoy in almost every moment.

Shhh. Listen.

Do you hear the birds singing?

Or a kitten sweetly purring?

Look up.

Can you see stars twinkling in the midnight blue sky?

Or in the early morning, the orange-red sunrise?

Open your eyes to these special moments in your life.

Focus on those little joys.

Appreciate them.

Absorb them.

You will find contentment.

The secret to happiness is creating it in your mind.

I dare you.

No, I double dare you.

Observe what’s going on around you.

Then ask yourself.

What’s special about this moment?

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