Own Your Experiences

 My guidance for you today is to “own” more experiences than things.

I was blessed to live in a lake view home for a few years. 
It was a charming, lake view home with stunning views. The lake is where thousands of Canada geese call it home for the winter.

The summers were my favorite time of the year. Time drifted. Wildlife moved all around us, living out their lives.

Dragonflies fluttered around the back patio.
Deer roamed the property.
Eagles perched on the frozen lake waiting to capture their next meal.

One sunny morning, I swept the back patio, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the lake views. That’s when I had a revelation about our living there. You see, we only rented the home for awhile.

I realized that even though we rented the house we owned the experience of living there.

That’s when I appreciated that I valued ownership of experiences over ownership of material goods.

The truth is . . . We have become obsessed with what we can own. We believe the expensive products we buy will give us the experiences we desire.

This is a myth. You need not own much to experience life.

Please. Don’t put your life on hold waiting until you can afford something.

Stop thinking to buy more things will give you a more fulfilling life. 

Discover experiences that the feed your soul and quench your desires.

Rent a cool sports car on your next road trip and experience the thrill of riding.
Find a local French bistro and dine alfresco with a bottle of French wine.
Visit a local art show of a famous French artist.
Curl up in a luxury hotel room with fine linens and soft robes.

Dig in deep. Discover what your soul craves.

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