Sacred Luminaries Explained

Sacred Luminary: An inspirational spiritual leader dedicated to sharing their purpose for the benefit of others.

Sacred Luminaries are spiritual warriors. They move beyond the light and the dark and dance in the void in between.

Sacred Luminaries are spiritual rebels here to remind people that the lessons they need to learn.

The lessons to learn are about love, faith, forgiveness, courage, and purpose.

Their mission is to shine a light on the human experience and guide people into wholeness.

The wholeness we all seek is buried inside. We only perceive ourselves as broken. Layer upon and layer of experiences shelter our wholeness. In order to become our true selves, we must peel back the layers, like an onion. There will be pain and there will be tears as we shed the negative energy we do not need.

There will be pain and there will be tears as we shed the negative energy we do not need.

The search for wholeness guides Sacred Luminaries into divine service. Their service helps people discover their wholeness. They help heal aspects of the human experience. They help people realize that heaven is on earth. Heaven is all around us. It is not a place to aspire to but to recognize in our everyday existence.

Sacred Luminaries are also sensual people who recognize the unique experiences offered on earth.

They are sensual beings who revel in the human experience. They embrace love in all of its forms. They teach us about rising above problems so we can heaven all around us.

We experience this heaven within our relationships, sexuality, food, home, nature, beauty, art, and much more.

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Redefining Luxury

Redefining Luxury

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