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Fall Passionately in Love With Your Goals

Is it because you chose the wrong goal?

If so, ask yourself:

What are the right goals for me? How do I choose?

Choose goals that express your deepest desires.

Choose goals that set your soul on fire.

Only set goals that make your heart sing.

Yes, change can be scary.

And because of the fear, there is a gap between your actions and your intentions.

  • You may try to sabotage your own efforts.
  • You may lure yourself away with busy work.
  • Your actions may not match your life mission.

Why? It’s because your heart’s not in love with your goals.

Mad, passionate, soul-wrenching love.

To achieve a goal and embrace its fulfillment you need to shift into a vibration of love and gratitude.

Don’t let your hidden doubts dampen your enthusiasm.

Focus all your energy on achieving your goal.

Don’t waste your life chasing goals that don’t bring your joy.

You are depriving yourself the gift of accomplishment.

Take some time and explore what brings you joy.

Set goals that are worthy of you and your life.

Strive for everything that expresses love and joy.

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