Six Tips to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone


Getting out of your comfy zone is about change. It’s about doing things you have never tried before. You’ll never push forward if you don’t try something that you are not comfortable doing.

This puts Aspirepreneurs into the zone of the unknown. The good news is that which scares us makes us stronger. And more money. This is where the power of getting outside of your comfort zone comes into play.

Here a few suggestions on how to get out of your comfy zone.

 Empowering Tips

 Take Baby Steps

It’s important to take risks. However, if you try to take on too many risks too fast, you will find it difficult to handle them. Go easy and take one step at a time. Be patient. Allow yourself to get used to one change at a time. Get comfortable making small risks and then try again. And again.

Shake Up Your Routine

Take a look at the activities you do each day. Are there some tasks you could do differently? Maybe you can reach out to a new person to collaborate with? Or maybe it’s time to get new training or coaching so you can reach the next level in your business. It could even be simple like trying a Matcha Latte instead of coffee.

Create New Challenges

What are you currently doing in your business? Is there something you daydream about doing something that is completely different? If you are constantly thinking about how great your business would be if you were doing something different, it is time to set new challenges.

Learn Something New

When you get too comfortable in life, it’s usually time to step up your game. This requires you to learn something new. Treat learning should as something you keep doing even after school is over. Don’t let your lack of knowledge and skills keep you stuck in a rut.

Expect The Unexpected

The one thing that you can depend on is unexpected things happening in your business. Every single day. Some unexpected events will be uneventful while others will be more urgent.  Preparation is the key. When you are prepared to handle the unexpected, you can reduce anxiety and stress when they happen.

Recruit Others to Help

Even though taking risks and moving out of your comfort zone can be scary, you don’t have to do it alone. Find friends or family to be accountability partners. Make sure you trust them to support you and your goals. Having the right people supporting you can make all the difference.

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