The Spiritual Reason We Need to Stop and Smell the Roses

Along the path of spiritual learning, you hear this common phrase: We are not human beings having a spiritual experience but spiritual beings that are having a human experience.

Makes sense, but do you know what it truly means to have a human experience? Have you made the assumption that it’s all about spiritual lessons and growth?

When I decided to study spirituality, I learned about astral travel, lucid dreaming, meditation, trances, ascension, and more. I explored these ideas but something was nagging at me.

Why are we reaching for the stars and different realms when we are here, right now living a human experience?

Let’s look at the human experience part again. If all we needed to do was learn life lessons and grow spiritually, why do we take on a human form and live on a planet such as Earth? A planet with untold riches and beauty filled with people that create their own forms of beauty through art, food, theater, architecture, etc.

I say we embrace the life we’ve been given and explore where we are right now. Visit your local farmer’s market, explore an art gallery, or dine at a restaurant with a cuisine you’ve never tried before.

Do something different that adds vitality to your life and allows you to explore the senses you have. I believe what our souls are really craving is the beauty and fun that can be found right here on Earth.

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