Ten Tips to Become a Successful Risk Taker

Are You Hesitating at the Starting Gate?

Achievement happens when you get things done. Period. Taking a risk is never easy. But we need more business leaders who are strong and empathetic. So, let’s get you started.

Don’t allow procrastination to keep you from moving forward. Implement the 10 tips below and become a successful Aspirepreneur.

 Quick Tips

Set One Powerful Goal

Decide what you want to achieve. After setting your goal, devise a plan showing the step by step process on how to achieve it. By knowing the outcome and creating a process you now know where to start and which actions to take.

Clear Your Mind Each Morning

Take time at the beginning of your day to mind dump your thoughts onto a piece of paper or journal. Spend 10 minutes writing down everything that comes into your mind. Highlight the most important tasks and emotions. This will help clear your mind and helps you prioritize what is important.

Create a To-Do List Every Night

Sacred Luminaries create a list of things they need to do the evening before. This helps you clear your mind before you go to bed. You also know what actions to take in the morning. You know have a roadmap of what needs to be accomplished.

Take Baby Steps

It’s easier to take action when you set small steps on the way to completing a bigger goal. This will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. Each step you accomplish will create a sense of accomplishment and success.

Find an Accountability Partner

Announce your goal to a friend, partner or colleague. This accountability is a great driver to taking action because you will feel a greater sense of commitment towards the goal and its completion. You will also be able to discuss your progress and this can help you discuss any potential issues that may hamper your progress and brainstorm ways to overcome them.

Remove Agonizing Distractions

Turn off your phone, close your email and social media tab. Find a way where you can work undisturbed.Reducing interruptions will ensure you have a better chance of getting into the flow of work. This will help you be more productive.

See Yourself as a Powerful Success

Tell yourself that you can and will complete the task. See yourself as successful. Make it real. Hear and see yourself working towards your goal and, achieving it. Last, experience the positive results of accomplishment.

Stop Waiting For the Right Moment

It’s easy to wait for the perfect time or situation but the chances are it will never happen. Simply get started. You will find momentum building as you start to make progress.

Be Massively Consistent

Take consistent action every day. You will start to make headway in achieving your goals. This will help you make sure your actions become a habit.

Quit Over-Thinking

Your best course of action is to get started. Stop over-thinking. It will get you nowhere and stops from you taking action. The only thing that will happen is you start is second guessing and worrying. Know what you need to do, what you are trying to achieve, and have the resources needed available.

“Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.” Unknown

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