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Transforming Your Business

Before you transform your business, you need to look at what needs to change in you and your business. What is it you need to let go of in order for to move forward?

Maybe you need to let go of certain clients.

Or say goodbye to business ideas that no longer work.

Intuitively you know that you have to let go in order to experience something better but taking action can so darn hard. (Insert stomping feet and whining.)

Not letting go of the past means you’ll miss out on new business opportunities that could be profitable and fulfilling.

Fear of the unknown can also cause you to resist transforming your business. Especially if the change that occurs is outside of your comfort zone.

Business transformation means that you have to let go and face the unknown. Most of all, you need to face yourself.

Anxiety about business transformations are normal, but when the anxiety prevents you from success, you need to take action.

How Self-Talk Keeps You From Letting Go

When you suspect you are resisting the transformation your business needs, check your self-talk. Change it to get rid until you get rid of the doubt.

Negative self-talk only sabotages what you’d like to do in your business, so be sure all your thoughts about changes you want to make are positive ones.

Stop making excuses for why you can’t change your business. You will only feel defeated before you even try.

Resistance to change means that you’re not moving forward – and possibly backtracking on the progress you’ve already made.

Learn to Let Go and Move Forward

You also need the knowledge to stop resisting change. Learn how the transformations you want to make will be helpful to you – make you happier, wealthier, healthier or wiser – and then make begin with confidence.

When you resist transformations, you hold on to what should end in your business. If your business has become stagnant, boring or failing, it’s time to let go and move in a new direction.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Let Go of Being a Victim
Terrible things may have happened in your past, but when you continue to see yourself as a victim, you’re hanging on to yesterday and not letting tomorrow guide you down a path of new beginnings.

Let Go of the Past
Whatever you’ve done or been in the past is history. Only until you accept that past can you let go of it and set yourself free to move on to a better future.

Let Go of Stress
Meditate. Exercise. Your brain is working overtime to bring clarity and focus to your business. Manage the stress as best you can.

Let Go of Negativity
Nothing helps get rid of the past like looking toward the future. Align your goals with the business you want to create.

Let Go of Shame
The business mistakes you’ve made in the past can be a springboard for creating a better business.

Visualize Your Business The Way You Want It
No matter how you want to change your business, you’ve got to let go of the old business to create the one you want.

The Upshot

Open up to the wonderful possibilities that lie ahead and let go any negative past decisions and actions.

Believe in yourself.

Let go of the regrets and create a better business. One that fits you and your lifestyle.

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