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What to Do When Your Weekends Go By Too Fast

It’s the weekend. What’s on your to-do list?

How many things did you say? That many???

Tell me, how many things do you really need to do?

Think about that for a minute.

Ok, now ask yourself how many things on your to-do list are what you want to do?

A common complaint I hear, especially from parents, is how fast their weekends go by. They have carpool duty, sporting events, volunteering, cleaning, shopping, and much more to do during their precious weekends.

They feel the pressure from overscheduling, too many commitments, and too many chores to be done. Here’s my solution:

Stop it.

Oh, yes, I can hear the complaint “But I can’t stop!” being shouted at me.

Look, life is really just a series of choices we make. I want everyone to choose to slow down and enjoy their weekends once in a while.

Well, every weekend really.

If you can’t do the whole weekend, pick Sundays to be your sleep in late, make brunch, and lounge in the backyard day.

Or do whatever makes you happy. 

Living a more fulfilling life means making yourself a priority. Your number one priority should be to stop and smell the roses. Slow down. Stop overscheduling your life.

Try this: Plan a day or a whole weekend where it’s against the rules to have any plans.

Then enjoy your family and/or some time alone.

Relax! Life isn’t supposed to be one big to-do list.

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